Acne Program


We are proud to be the only certified Face Reality Acne Specialists in all of Northern Arizona.

Our skincare system uses clinical-grade products to clear acne in three to four months. Even the most stubborn acne can be treated thanks to our extensive training, premium-grade products, and your commitment to the process.

Acne Consultation



The Allure Az acne program begins with a comprehensive consultation, during which we assess every part of your skincare routine — from the skincare products and makeup that you use to the food you eat. We'll then test your skin to determine the most effective products for your acne type, skin type, and skin tolerance. This consultation gives us a strong foundation for forming a customized skincare regimen. While our Face Reality professional products offer an effective acne solution, the true benefit comes from the effort we put into teaching you how to use your new system. We'll coach you on how to introduce new products, avoid irritation and dehydration, and start eliminating acne. Our experienced specialists even take into account how skin can grow accustomed to products, so we plan ahead to make changes in your new skincare routine.

Acne Treatments



For best results, Allure recommends additional acne treatments every two weeks for about three to four months while your skin clears. Treatments include deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, gentle chemical peels, ultrasonic exfoliation, LED therapy, and high-frequency treatments. On average, clients' skin looks its best after six to eight treatments in a 90-day period. We want to be by your side every step of the way as you achieve acne-free skin. Allure Aesthetics understands your desire to get clear skin and we want to be with you every step of the way. Our Face Reality Program is your alternative to harsh prescriptions and ineffective acne systems!


Before & After

The best part about our program is when our clients get to show off their progress photos! We make sure to document your results so that you can, not only feel but, see the difference in your skin.

P.S. We only share the photos with your consent!


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Through our extensive consultation, hand picked home care regimen and bi-weekly follow up treatments we are able to treat and clear acne in as little as 3 - 5 months. By becoming a member you will save $75 for your consultation, $50 a month on your acne follow up treatments, 10% off all products as well as 10% off microneedling treatments for scar revision. The $250 is credited to your 2 acne follow up treatments per month!

$250 per month

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