Dealing with adult acne can be so frustrating, especially when you've tried everything under the sun. But our client, Jennifer, found the holy grail with our Face Reality Flagstaff acne program and we're thrilled with her results!

Imagine this: a tired, overwhelmed mom of 3 taking control of her skin and saying "goodbye" to acne once and for all. That's the kind of story we love to hear! After completing our program three years ago, she's found the winning combination to banish those pesky breakouts.

Before Face Reality
After Face Reality

And now, as a VIP Skin Membership holder, she's tackling anti-aging and any left over acne scarring. It's like she's leveling up in her skincare journey! We're excited to see the impressive before and after photos that showcase her transformation.


So, if you're in Flagstaff and struggling with acne, it's time to put yourself in good hands at Allure. If you've been struggling with frustrating treatments that don't work in end, we can get you the help you need so you can maintain a fresh, glowing complexion. You deserve to feel confident and beautiful every day!

Let us know in the comments if you've struggled with acne and what you've tried so far. We'd love to hear from you! 💫🌟✨

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    1. Hi Ana! If you want to chat about getting your son set up on our Face Reality Acne program, give us a call at 928-864-5192 or reply with your phone or email here and we will reach out!


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