Can you hear that?!

That's the sound of alarm clocks ringing and school buses revving up! As summer comes to a close, we're bidding farewell to lazy vacation days and ice cream for breakfast. But fear not because I'm recommending quick and easy skincare for back-to-school season in Flagstaff which will make the seasonal transition a breeze. I've specially curated this month's picks to keep you looking fab while acing those exams or hauling your kids off to their many extracurriculars. Plus, we've been buzzing with excitement all summer (maybe it's all the caffeine we've consumed ☕), because our annual Open House is just around the corner!

Save the date: September 30th and don't miss it!

Now, let's dive in to a quick and easy skincare routine and get glowing for the back-to-school season in Flagstaff!

Oxygen Infusion Wash by SkinBetter Science

We know doing your skincare routine can be a timely task which is why we believe every step of your routine should be results-driven and life-changing. Oxygen Infusion Wash has a gentle blend and slow release of AHA’s which makes this an active cleanser to effectively cleanse the pores while gently exfoliating the skin. The oxygen infusion is great for purifying and deep cleansing oils and debris which makes this great for acne prone skin! But the best part is that this cleanser is great for all skin types. Our favorite part about this cleanser is how it creates a soft foam once lathered into the skin. This cleanser is bound to give you brighter-looking and refreshed skin while enhancing the rest of your products!

Hydration Boosting Cream by SkinBetter Science

So, you’ve heard us rave about the Skin Better Trio Rebalancing Moisture Cream, because it’s the absolute BEST moisturizer on the market. But we all know the major downfall of that product...the expensive price tag. So, if you’ve been keeping your eye on Trio but not ready to bite the bullet and invest into the higher price point - we’ve got you covered! Skin Better Science has created the REFRESH Line of products that include the basics and necessities. One of these products is the Hydration Boosting Cream. This product would be ideal for someone who needs long lasting hydration with a light feel. We especially love this product for teenagers and men because of their tendencies to have oilier skin. This is a simple, straight-to-the-point product that can address the concern of dryness without compromising your budget! Use this product morning and night after your serums and before your SPF!

SkinBetter Science Sunbetter SPF 56 Sunscreen Stick - Sheer

If you’re that person who avoids reapplying sunscreen due to convenience…this product is for you! Introducing the SkinBetter Sheer SPF Stick - a broad spectrum, 100% mineral and water resistant sunscreen to keep your skin protected on-the-go. This is especially a fan favorite of parents who hate applying messy and runny sunscreen to their small kids and babies! The translucent sheer finish makes this great for all skin colors, women and men of all ages!

Take some time for yourself amid the chaos!

-Taylor, Allure Az owner

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