May is here, and it makes me realize this year is just swinging on by! After months of anticipation, I finally had my wedding and it was so beautiful and such a day to remember. This month, the products we're featuring are brand new to our shop, so we're excited to introduce you to them!

InterFuse Treatment Cream Face & Neck

It’s been awhile since we’ve been this excited about a new product! SkinBetter Science’s Interfuse Face & Neck treatment cream has been around for awhile but we finally jumped on the bandwagon and added it to our arsenal! Face & Neck is a miracle working cream that is designed to treat sagging skin, lines, and wrinkles. The science behind this product is its blend of messenger peptides that target the nourishment of five types of collagen. This is going to be an essential product to have in conjunction with your AlphaRet to treat those stubborn wrinkles and lines on the face and neck. These before & after photos speak for themselves! These results were achieved by using nothing but this one product morning and night for 4 weeks and absolutely NO professional treatments or enhancements. Now, imagine what is possible when you use a full routine and see a professional monthly for advanced treatments!

Interfuse Treatment Cream Eye

Since we’re talking about Interfuse, we may as well talk about our favorite Eye Cream! SkinBetter Science absolutely nailed the formula of this eye cream. The caffeine is used to calm puffiness under and around the eyes and Vitamin C is used to treat under eye darkness. This eye cream is your go-to for treating crows feet, wrinkles, puffiness and darkness around the eyes. It can be used morning and night for optimal results and the 15ml bottle will last you nearly 300 uses if you use a ¼ pump which is all that is necessary! A little goes a long way with this soft and smooth blend. If you’re not sold yet, you will be after these before & afters!

If any of our SkinBetter science products interest you feel free to stop in our spa and check them out! If you’re reading this and not a Flagstaff local, you can shop our online store by clicking on this link and receive fast and free shipping!

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