We are so excited to announce our very first Flagstaff Acne and Aging Master Class we will be hosting on January 25th! This class will be taught by our very own Allure founder, Taylor! During this class, you will be guided through our well-known Face Reality and Cosmelan treatments including the benefits of both, how they work, frequently asked questions about each, and we'll be demonstrating each treatment live for you to see!

If you suffer from acne or pigmentation, or you're looking to find out how you can prevent visible signs of aging as much as you possibly can, this class is a must! Screen shot the flier below and mark the date in your calendar!

We will also be rewarding a scholarship for our 6-month Face Reality Membership to one lucky candidate who applies as well as a second scholarship for a free round of our Cosmelan treatment to a second lucky winner! The winners will be announced at our Master Class on January 25th.

The winner of our Face Reality Acne scholarship will receive 6 free months of our Face Reality Acne program which consists of 2 bi-weekly treatments (value $1,735). To apply for the Face Reality Acne scholarship, click here.

The winner of our Cosmelan scholarship will receive one full round of our Cosmelan Peel which consists of 2 Cosmelan peels spaced 21 days apart ($800+ value). To apply for the Cosmelan scholarship, click here.

The application deadline for both scholarships is January 24th at midnight. If you're not struggling with acne or any stubborn skincare issues in Flagstaff, please forward this post to someone who might be. These are both great opportunities to transform someone's skin and boost their confidence if they've suffered with problematic issues that have made them feel like they wish they could hide in one-on-one conversations.

This is a private event so an RSVP is required! Call us at 928-864-5192 to get on the attendee list. We will have small bites and refreshments to enjoy, free consultations available, and showing live skin care treatment demonstrations. If you've even wanted to know about how we tackle acne and pigmentation for our clients, please join us for our Flagstaff Acne and Aging Master Class!

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