Can anyone else hardly believe it’s November already? We can’t! But thank goodness it is because we are huge lovers of Thanksgiving dinner and alllllllllll the yummy leftovers.

Even better, we're suckers for Black Friday deals! And what kind of spa would we be if we didn’t offer amazing Black Friday discounts to all our lovely Allure Az clients?! This year, we are switching things up and showcasing everything to you BEFORE Black Friday! This way, you have time to save and decide which deals are best for you! This year, we have multiple packages and bundles available with exclusive discounts. You can even sign yourself up in advance and pay later so you don’t even have to think about calling or texting us on Black Friday when you’re spending time with family or running though your favorite department stores trying not to get trampled. Lol jk. Since we are offering 3 different product bundles for Black Friday, we decided to explain each of them along with their benefits! If any of these bundles sound appealing to you - contact our office before November 24th to get on our pre-order list!

Skin Better Brightening Bundle - $615 ($865 value):

This bundle includes one 30ml Alto Defense Serum, one 50ml Even Tone Correcting Serum, one 50ml Alpharet Overnight Cream, one 15ml EyeMax eye cream, and one FREE chemical peel! The benefits of this bundle are obviously brightening - but you get so much more. Not only are we able to lighten brown spots with this regimen, we can lighten and correct yellow and red tones as well. The Even Tone Correcting serum is best at correcting color while the Alto Defense Serum is preventing all future sun damage/discoloration. No point in spending money to correct it all if you’re not going to use a powerful antioxidant to prevent it from coming back! The AlphaRet overnight cream is your retinol/retinoid that allows your skin to exfoliate off damaged/dull skin and promote new healthy skin! And last but not least, the EyeMax night eye cream is your eye cream with retinol in it. We use retinol for our face, why not for the eyes? This helps with discoloration and fine lines around the eye area. This bundle includes 1 free advanced chemical peel with us at Allure to really brighten up the full look!

Layering: Alto Defense Serum (AM/PM), EyeMax (PM), Even Tone (AM/PM), AlphaRet (PM)

Skin Better Tightening Bundle - $575 ($825 value):

This bundle includes one 50ml Techno Neck Perfecting Cream, one 50ml Alpharet Overnight Cream, one 15ml Interfuse Treatment Lines, one 15ml Interfuse Treatment Eye, and one FREE chemical peel! This bundle gets you everything you need for all areas of your face and neck to see some true skin tightening! Techno Neck cream is one of our products that clients just can’t stop talking about. With consistent use morning and night, clients will notice a decrease in fine lines and neck wrinkles in as little as a month. AlphaRet Overnight cream is your go to for cellular turnover and correcting and preventing wrinkles. Interfuse Lines is what we call “Botox in a Bottle." This advanced formula is a spot treatment to any areas on the face with deeper lines. It is made up of peptides and hyaluronic acid to plump out any fine lines and wrinkles. Clients RAVE about this one. And lastly, Interfuse Eye is Skin Better's award-winning eye cream that is caffeinated to reduce puffiness, crows feet, and under eye darkness. Don’t forget you get a FREE chemical peel with this one too!

Layering: Interfuse Eye (AM/PM), Interfuse Lines (AM/PM), Techno (AM/PM), AlphaRet (PM)

Skin Better The Basics Bundle: $295 ($395 Value)

To keep it simple for those of you who might just be getting started, we kept it easy with the basics bundle! This bundle includes one A-Team Duo Kit, one 50ml Trio Rebalancing Moisturizer, and a FREE Go and Glow Facial! The A-Team Duo Kit includes one 15ml Alto Defense Serum and one 15ml Alpharet Overnight cream. You get both your AM and PM steps in the duo kit, and these are the basics but also the must-haves! The Trio Moisturizer is heavy moisture with a lightweight feel. That means it’s good for all skin types - oily and dry. This is our go-to for anyone needing a solid moisturizer that won't disappoint. By purchasing this bundle, you will receive one free Go & Glow facial!

Layering: Alto (AM/PM), AlphaRet (PM), Trio (AM/PM)

We hope you enjoy all our Black Friday deals this year! Call us at 928-864-5192 to get signed up now!

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