It’s winter in Flagstaff! Which means your skin is probably as dry as the Sahara Desert. If you laughed, it’s because you know it's true! Luckily, we have a solution to solve your winter skincare issues, and all of my recommendations this month center around the harsh season we're in.

DMK Seba-E Hydrating Oil

This is one of our top selling oils sold at Allure by DMK! DMK is an amazing blend of natural and pharmaceutical products which means they are safe and actually work. They have created an entire line of products that are designed to work with the body's natural chemistry. That means using ingredients and formulas that your skin recognizes and accepts rather than sitting on the surface and wasting your money and time. One of the products that has proven to do that best is Seba-E Hydrating Oil. Seba-E is formulated with a very fine blend of herbal oils and vitamin E which aim to penetrate the skin and seal in moisture. Seba-E replicates your skin’s natural sebum to retain the water and nutrients necessary for cell life. When used in combination with the Herb and Mineral Mist, Seba-E can combat dryness and dehydration. Any of the DMK crèmes can be applied over this superb oil.

DMK Herb & Mineral Moisture Spray

Herb Mist & Seba-E go together like two peas in a pod! Herb mist infuses your skin with an instant blend of vitamins, minerals, and trace elements contained in DMK’s signature spray. Herb & Mineral Mist is the binder for all DMK facial products which, when absorbed into the skin, facilitate tissue hydration and the deep penetration of DMK crèmes and serums. Herb & Mineral Mist combined with Seba-E oil initiates barrier repair therapy. This mist can even be sprayed over make-up to brighten and wake-up tired skin. Definitely a winter must-have!

Cosmelan Depigmenting Peel

We are so excited to be able to offer this new and amazing advanced peel! Cosmelan is a depigmenting method with an intensive corrective effect that regulates the overproduction of melanin in the melanocytes, inhibiting and controlling the appearance of new dark spots. This peel is unique in the fact that it is painless to apply and it stays on this skin for up to 8 hours. This method is the equivalent of doing 6-12 regular peels and brightening treatments all in one. It includes a home care routine of products that are designed to continue to lift the “stain” of melanin out of the skin after the procedure. This peel is great for anyone who is battling melasma, hyperpigmentation, PIH scarring, and uneven skin tone. Post-peel, you can expect a sunburn like effect for 2-3 days followed up with shedding of the skin. Our estheticians will instruct you on proper use of the home care routine that is mandatory for optimal results.

After 7 days of light peeling and shedding, your skin will return to normal. 21 days after the treatment, we will have you back in the clinic to receive a touch up treatment and hit any sports that need additional lifting. Dark spots will continue to lighten over the next 3 months with consistent use of the home care regimen! The results of this peel are proof that it works and can be the next treatment for you!

Whatever your skin is in need of most during these harsh, winter months, Allure Az is here to help! Otherwise, we hope you're staying warm and making the most of your new year. See you soon!

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